(All of which were thoughts I had in the last few days..) not super prepared for this one...
  1. A ballerina
    Always my go to but I didn't bring any of my many tutus to college...
  2. Three hole punch Carley
    A play on Jim's classic Halloween costume
  3. Three hole punch Jim
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    Basically same as above but I would be Jim who was being three hole punched paper, not Carley
  4. Leslie Knope
    Just a personal hero
  5. Rosie the riveter
    I have denim and red bandana
  6. One of the Twitches
    A flawless idea but I would need another twitch (twin witch)
  7. A witch
    A classic Carley costume and I wouldn't need a twin...
  8. Lindsay from Arrested Development
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    @embuck is going to be Tobias and I want to be her wife and of course I'd wear a red tank top that says "slut" but Emma is far away and I'm not confident enough to walk around a college campus wearing a shirt that says "slut"...
  9. Taylor Swift from her various music videos
    This would be fun as a big group...
  10. Dr. Brennan from bones
    Someone just said you should be her and I deeply considered it.
  11. Hermione
    Classic. 😍⚡️
  12. Katniss
    Another classic.