After thinking it over a little, reality sets in
  1. Orange is the New Black
    Prison doesn't seem so bad.. Like a vacation from a stressful life
  2. The Office
    Maybe I should get a super boring, mindless job. If I do I'll make life long friends and have hilarious situations on the daily
  3. Breaking Bad
    Cooking and selling meth is a good way to make some serious money.
  4. The League
    Maybe I should make a Fantasy Football league with my friends! (This one only lasts a sec and then I snap back to the reality that I'd never do that)
  5. Parks and Recreation
    Government jobs are so fun and with the right team I could make my town a better place. And I could totally run for a political office
  6. Veep
    Being the Vice President would be easy
  7. Weeds
    See Breaking Bad
  8. Glee
    I should sing more often
  9. Bones
    I could totally be a forensic anthropologist
  10. Grays Anatomy
    I could totally be a doctor
  11. New Girl
    It would be fun to live with 3 single guys when you are all in your 30s...
  12. Scream Queens
    It would be fun to be in a sorority that is being targeted by a serial killer