Lookin' at you @mcmcnett
  1. Having a teammate at holiday family affairs
    Whether you're bored or silently judging the extended family, you never have to face it alone because no matter what you both have to be there!
  2. Family vacations
    It's like bringing a friend on every trip and the 11 hour car ride is a bit more bearable
  3. They will always be honest with you cause feelings don't count as much
    "Your breath smells like the koala exhibit"
  4. You can rant about other people who you both know, with no judgment
    Chances are they feel the same way
  5. Their closet is your closet
    It doesn't matter if they say yes or not cause they'll get over it eventually
  6. Someone to keep you humble
    "Your breath smells like the koala exhibit"
  7. Splitting the cost of parent gifts
    It's like a 50% off sale on the present your parents actually want
  8. Endless inside jokes and memories
    Because you've lived pretty much the same life
  9. A partner to binge watch TV with
    It doesn't feel like you are wasting your life so much when someone is with you. And then you both are obsessed with the same TV shows, which is a bond in itself
  10. Looking like someone else
    "Are you guys twins?"
  11. Having the same unhealthy obsession with your family dog
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    Other people don't fully understand
  12. Splitting up the chores
    "I'll vacuum if you dust"
  13. Having a built-in best friend
    The only person you can hate with all your heart one minute and love the next