Things About Dorm Life That Are Rare but When They Happen It's the Best Day Ever

Never thought these things would make me so happy
  1. When you go to do laundry and no one is in the laundry room!
    "I can transfer my underwear to the dryer in peace!"
  2. When there's even a machine open in the laundry room (that's not broken)
    "I get to do my laundry!"
  3. When there is no line in the dining hall
  4. When the dining hall has good food!
    Specifically mini corn dogs, waffles, and chicken for burritos
  5. When you get back to your room and your roommate isn't there!
    Netflix... WITH NO EARBUDS!!!
  6. When you come back to your dorm and your friends are sitting in the hall!
    Bring on the welcoming party
  7. When your roommate cleans their half!
    Just a nice surprise! Also goes for taking out trash and vacuuming
  8. When someone knocks on your door and says, "wanna go eat?"
    The answer is always "YES"
  9. When you realize you have a full water bottle and don't have to walk to the lobby to get water
    This is especially the best when it's very late
    I have saved the best for last! This is the single greatest thing that can happen to you in the dorms! I open that little silver box about 30 times a day hoping for a special gift just for me!!! If it's a package then just forget it, that feeling can only be compared to Disneyland!!!