1. "Dr. Break the Habit"
    Yup, that's what I called my 6 year-old self, toting around my little Fischer Price Doctor kit. It's eerie to think how I foreshadowed a life of forever trying to break habits.🤔
  2. Tap dancer
    I was pretty serious a tap dancer from Kindergarten to eighth grade - when body shame began to arise. My mom took me to see "The Tap Dance Kid" on Broadway. That was the day I fell in love with Alfonso Ribeiro and began imagining myself a Broadway star.
  3. Singer
    The great thing about discovering I could sing was that I could still perform but without the fear of squeezing myself into a sequin costume and panty hose. I remember the day I made that discovery. Mr. Margiotta randomly asked me to sing the Les Miserrables solo from On My Own. The compliments from my teacher and classmates overwhelmed me. Thus began the quest for perpetual external validation. I didn't become a singer but I bust it out at karaoke from time to time.
  4. Physical Therapist
    In my first year of completing my prerequisites at hunter college in New York, I switched my major to comparative religion.
  5. Mediator, international relief worker, librarian, anthropologist, teacher, and world traveler.
    Now, I want to be a permaculture farmer, cannabis grower, healer who runs a sustainable healing center/animal sanctuary, writer, freelancer/free spirit, and contributor to positive change in my small corner of the world. 🐣