I hope he's still into rocks despite my delay. In no particular order. @doodler19
  1. Always crack open a rock
    The coolest stuff is always on the inside
  2. Start a rock collect ASAP
    And don't forget to bag and tag so you know where you got it from
  3. You get to travel because the northeast only has sedimentary and metamorphic rocks
    Time for a family vacation to the Caribbean, Hawaii or Yellowstone
  4. Start hiking
    Geology professors can really move. If you wanna keep up start training for a marathon
  5. Get familiar with writing notes about what you see around you
    Sit in nature and just write down what you see...can you write yet? No matter, you've been dictating for years.
  6. I hope you like being outside
    More of my classes are taught out of a classroom than in. Get ready to see landslides, tornado effects, flooded plaines, waterfalls, tree rings, minerals, ect.
  7. Fossils!!!
    NYS is full of them!! We can go to thatcher and I'll show you some of my faves!
  8. Rocks everywhere
    Car rides are the best because highways have so many rock exposures on the sides