Job Interviews: What Are Those

Hi friends and fam! I need your advice!@doodler19, @ecapogna @mandy25c @sjrockstar @leesh63
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    I'm a senior in college and am starting to interview for post grad opportunities!! 😄🙃
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    It's an emotional experience because I still have no idea what I want to do...😨😨
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    But I do know how I want to look👗👔👠
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    Where are your favorite places to shop for professional and business formal clothes?
    That don't break the bank!
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    My mom's closet....but also nowhere because I live that casual Friday I work with preschoolers who spit up on me lifestyle
    Suggested by   @leesh63
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    Marshalls. Feel free to bring my husband with you. He's a great stylist.
    Suggested by   @doodler19