Me Time 👧

An evening to myself...😍😄
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    Step 1: Get Comfy
    This obviously requires my footie pajamas -they're my most comfy outfit.
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    Step 2: Couch Potato
    Flip back and forth between SVU, NCIS and Disney Movies. Don't look at me like that. Life is all about balance!
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    Step 3: Stuff Your Face with Food (...that you got other people to make you)
    Homemade popcorn and steak sammies 😍😍
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    Step 4: Make a Cocktail
    Vodka tonics 🍹🍹
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    Step 5: Enjoy the Great Outdoors
    From the comfort of your hot tub😉
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    Step 6: Read a Book
    Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick It's very funny and relatable- I highly recommend!!
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    Step 7: Go to Bed Early
    Embrace your inner grandma and put some pjs on (again) and get to bed 😴👵😴👵