written from my grandma's perspective mostly confirmed by @doodler19 's observations
  1. Grammy dearest
    Will : he takes after his mommy and he went to Catholic school
  2. Rock star (for bragging purposes mostly)
    Zack: he's very successful but he moved to NYC and he didn't get confirmed Heather: she had two super cute kids (too bad she isn't cute herself) but she named them izola and mile and I can't spell them
  3. My favorites (my face can't help but light up when I see them)
    Alicia: she's very smart just finished grad school and she takes me places sometimes Jake: he used to spend so much time with Manny and myself. Lovely boy and makes a good drink Carli: she's very smart and goes to a great school, she's adventurous she went to france. My father was french.
  4. I love them but...
    Justin: he's in the army now so I miss him very much but he used to talk back to Manny and what Manny says goes Isiah: step grandson Laura:step granddaughter
  5. They make me pray
    Josh: he was arrested, the charges were crazy but man did I worry Luke: he does reckless things and he still lives in his mom's basement Jenna: well she's just jenna