I was driving home from the mall about 4 years ago and I saw this little chihuahua dodging cars in the middle of the street. So being the good citizen am, I stopped and saved her from getting hit. And now we are best friends. The end.
  1. Nani being a taco
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  2. Nani with eyebrows
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  3. Nani napping standing up
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  4. Nani yawning
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  5. Nani smoking a cigarette
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  6. Nani not being a good selfie sidekick
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  7. Nani with something stuck on her mouth
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  8. Nani sleeping
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  9. Nani being a leprechaun
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  10. Nani being fierce
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  11. Nani with her squad
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  12. Nani being trendy af
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  13. Nani wearing a sweatshirt
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  14. Nani with a sticker on her head
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