6 photos on my phone, chosen at random

This could be interesting. I closed my eyes to make it extra random.
  1. 1.
    Confederate President Jefferson Davis's summer home in Biloxi, MS
    On the way to Florida, my sister made us stop at a few civil war historical sites. This one was actually kind of cool since you could go inside. There were also camels roaming around since he apparently loved camels.
  2. 2.
    This picture is on my phone because it always makes me laugh and who doesn't love Dwight K. Schrute?
  3. 3.
    Me on ESPN
    Not really sure why this is on here, maybe someone sent it to me. But now I can say I have been on ESPN, which is awesome.
  4. 4.
    Draw Something
    This is really old (is this game still around?) but it's one that I sent to my sister and it was so good that I had to screenshot it
  5. 5.
    This is some random eyeshadow look from Instagram that I want to try but will probably never get around to it. (Urban Decay of course)
  6. 6.
    E-mail from a very enthusiastic meteorology TA
    I kept this because it made me laugh for a long time and it's just kind of a gem.