Working downtown is a glorious experience, but it also has its flaws. Allow me to elaborate:
  1. PRO: Being able to walk to lunch
    Downtown Tulsa is awesome (but we already knew that), and there are so many cool places to eat within walking distance of the courthouse. And the general vibe of downtown is fun, so walking through said vibe to get to Einstein makes lunch all the more enjoyable.
  2. CON: Jury duty Mondays
    These happen a few times a month, and they're the worst. Mobs of people reporting for the first day of jury duty clog the halls, the elevators and pretty much everywhere else. They're clueless and kind of rude, and they expect us to know everything about everything in the courthouse. You can ask me how to remove your ex-husband from the deed to your house, but don't expect me to know where the bathrooms on the 5th floor are.
  3. PRO: When Doctor interns walk from the teaching hospital to the clinic across the street
    I get to see this quite often while driving to and from work. This is glorious because it happens a lot, and they are usually male, and are dressed very nicely. (and the white coat certainly doesn't hurt anything)
  4. PRO: When the attractive lawyers and sheriffs hold the door or the elevator for you
    Same as above, except replace white coat with suit and tie or sheriff uniform.
  5. CON: Smokers outside the courthouse
    Before emerging into actual downtown, you must first pass through the courthouse plaza, which should be renamed cancer plaza, because there are always at least 5 people standing there smoking (way too close to the doors, isn't there a law against that?), sometimes more. Gross and annoying.
  6. PRO: Walking through the halls wearing my badge
    This is fun because people sometimes see my badge and look at me like I hold some kind of power, which really I don't but it's fun to pretend that I do (Unless being awesome counts as a power). Also, I get to breeze through security like a boss, which is thrilling .
  7. CON: Parking
    Parking is terrible. I get to park in the basement, which is nice when it rains or snows or whatever, but it's overpriced and it's kind of creepy down there. And friends can't come meet me and walk somewhere for lunch unless they want to pay $7.00 to park for an hour.