Calgary, the life I knew, my 5 siblings, mom, 4 nephews and 2 nieces are a long way away from my home in New York
  1. I feel disconnected from the "scene" back in NY
    The time difference, the lack of data streaming to my phone, the weird lack of inspiration
  2. I inevitably run in to an ex who asks if I moved home
    I assume this is to make them feel better about their choice to never leave. If I've failed, then they win.
  3. There's NEVER enough time to see everyone I want to
    And even if I do, someone is angry I didn't see them more
  4. I always forget there is a huge altitude difference & get terrible altitude sickness
    Decided to workout the first day and actually passed out
  5. Did I make the right choice? Am I happy? Should I give up and move home forever?
    The biggest and scariest questions looming over every single visit home for the last 10 years. Being in a big city, thousands of miles away from my family is incredibly difficult. People's lives go on without me & I have to deal with the growing emotional distance. I know I'm happier in New York but I can't help feeling this pressure.
  6. Canada is VERY expensive
    And with a family with little means, I end up fronting most of the bills and outting costs. Hopefully I make rent when I get home, right?