1. Poop
    It's always so full of vegetables!
  2. Get what they want
    Adults will literally try EVERYTHING (burp, feed, change, entertain, sooth, talk,sing, avoid, another, etc etc) to discover what a baby needs. Adults need other adults to be specific.
  3. Laugh
    Have you seen a baby laugh? It's intoxicating
  4. Play
    Uh. Wtf is this thing at the end of my leg?! Is it always there?! OMG there are 5 other mini things that wiggle!!! Do you think that will fit in my mouth?! I WIN!
  5. Sleep
    Plus they are doing a great job if they sleep 10 hours a night. When I do it I'm "lazy"
  6. Eat
    They even get to have food all over their face!