1. Arrive 30 minutes early & learn where everything is
  2. Introduce myself to the instructor & say it's my first time
    Honestly I do this even if I've already been to the studio because then the teachers give you a break when you're slacking. They also always say "wow!! Great first class" after which is a cool ego boost
  3. Take a poop before class to see how other members respond
    I need a poop friendly environment
  4. Find a reason to use 1 of every free item
    My favorite is the studios with fancy lotions like Kiels but I'll honestly settle for anythingggggg
  5. Make a fool of myself by behaving stupidly somehow
    Falling off the bike, dropping weights on my toes, hitting a person with my towel, farting during child's pose, fling my earring across the room during dance class & then sob while everyone searches desperately for it, and smack myself with the tension rope are all examples of things I've done in the past