I aim to go to the gym 3/5 lunch hours a week, but even on days when I don't NEED an excuse, I like to have one.
  1. Hungry
    I'm too hungry to exercise. I could definitely faint. I want to eat those awesome leftovers now, not in an hour.
  2. Need to keep working
    I didn't get enough done this morning. I don't deserve an hour break. (I will never actually get much done during this "working lunch")
  3. Sore
    Yesterday's workout was hard. My legs hurt. I know a light workout could help but instead I'm going to tuck into this leftover pasta.
  4. Long run yesterday
    This one is actually a pretty good reason to take a day off.
  5. Meeting with someone in a difference time zone that therefore falls on my lunch hour.
    Self explanatory.
  6. Don't wanna.
    The most empowering! I'm the boss of me!