Life is pain, highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.
  1. Rush Oh!
    Twee yarn that's begging for a whimsical adaptation possibly staring Saoirse Ronan
  2. Girl At War
    An obviously harrowing tale that reads occasionally flat and preachy.
  3. Ruby
    Grim But Important. Probably a GCSE book in a few years.
  4. The Secret Chord
    This woman cannot end a book
  5. The Green Road
    Probably brilliant, but bored me senseless
  6. Gorsky
    I hated Gatsby. Lots of horrible people do terrible things and get away with them because Money
  7. At Hawthorn Time
    Truly marvellous. Robbed of a place on the shortlist
  8. The Portable Veblen
    Manic Pixie Dream Girl With Awful Mother Attaches Self To Terrible Man and Learns Nothing
  9. The House at the Edge of the World
    Strangely mesmerising. The 16 year old me would have gone mad for this book
  10. The Improbability of Love
  11. A Little Life
    Overlong angst ridden torture porn which is strangely the best of the bunch
  12. A Dictionary of Mutual Understanding
    Parts of this are lovely, but the structure is all over the place and it feels strangely dated, like 2001 threw up all over it.
  13. A God In Ruins
    Wonderful book, just wonderful. Her subtle take down of the baby boomer generation is so sublime I wanted to applaud.
  14. The Glorious Heresies
    If Roddy Doyle and Jenn Ashworth ran in to each really really fast. A bit of a mess, and not my thing AT ALL, but I can see why it won as is very Stark and Raw etc
  15. Pleasantville
    I really enjoyed this one, which is, surprisingly, a court room drama. Slow burner but gripped by halfway through.
  16. The Book of Memory
    Oh I wanted to cut this book up and re paste it back together differently so badly.