Safe to say this was a tough week. But.
  1. My friends came back from living in the US
    And brought me back this lovely thing
  2. I started a new project crocheting octopus toys for premature babies
    The tentacles of the octopuses give the teeny ones something to grab on to instead of tubes. They are also super cute.
  3. I taught a class who gave me a round of applause at the end!
    People should always do this, it really made my morning!
  4. I went for a walk
    On my own this time, but was lovely and just what I needed to clear my head. Walked the seven mile stretch of canal between Bingley and Silsden and saw about 100 ducklings. Ducklings are never not wonderful things
  5. Finishing good books in long baths
    What Sunday afternoons were made for.