A horrid horrid week, but happiness will prevail!
  1. I got a shed loads of stuff done to deadline
    It was all very stressy but I managed to fill in an application and finish my first draft of my book chapter to schedule, whilst keeping up with day to day work, so I was pleased with myself for that
  2. I got a haircut
    It is now in a very 90s Bob. I love my hairdresser as she is super quick and doesn't bother me, and everyone says they like it
  3. I started re reading this
  4. I was sent a postcard from my Da
    He spends most of his time travelling now, this time around Southern Italy. I have to remind myself it's a pretty cool thing for a Da to do, as I do worry on occasion!
  5. The Living and the Dead
    We watched the whole six episodes in three days. Cheesy, but so so addictive.
  6. A lazy Sunday with my boo
    Watching a lot of Glastonbury (shall do another list of my highlights), eating a lot of junk food, doing a lot of sewing. Sundays without agendas are the best