If we even had a wheelbarrow that would be something...
  1. Watching Peaky Blinders with my boo
    British Telly that we both love is RARE. I love this show, and am genuinely a little worried for Tommy.
  2. It's June!
    And that means revealing a new page in my fabulous "Hopton In Bloom" calendar
  3. My library hold came in
    And it looks fascinating...
  4. I got accepted to do another book review on a book I've been wanting to read for ages
    I used to review fiction books, now it's non-fic about library science, but hey ho
  5. I put together my new bedside table and it is mega cute
  6. Emma was on Iplayer
    Legitimate reasons to watch Austen whilst sewing are never bad things
  7. I discovered listening to cheesy zen meditation music on YouTube (think wind chimes and woodblocks) is a billion times more effective to work through than white noise
    Next I shall be trying whale sounds.
  8. It was sunny and we went for a lovely walk
    Round Harewood estate, which I'd never explored before. Highlights were the red kites, deer and other lovely animals