These are my favorites (I think---I'm drowsy and jet-lagged and twirling around on klonopin). Maybe not best. Not ranked. Also, one extra for good measure.
  1. Jack-Tor
    For the montage of Jack flubbing product integration and my first exposure to Alec Baldwin's comedic genius. For muffin top
  2. Audition Day
    For Kathy Geiss singing "I Dreamed a Dream"
  3. The Bubble
    For the salmon bourguignon with Gatorade.
  4. Double-Edged Sword
    For the "are we not even making our own meth? What is happening to American manufacturing"
  5. Episode 210
    For the Midnight Train to Georgia closing number
  6. Cleveland
    For showing what great lives we could lead if we moved west of the Adirondacks. For Floyd.
  7. Queen of Jordan
    For D'Fwon
  8. Problem Solvers
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    Honestly for this:
  9. When It Rains It Pours
    For Tracy on Cash Cab "SHE is an orca, Benjamin"
  10. The Natural Order
    For Elaine. For Buscemi. For Tracy's delivery of "So stay on your fours, guys"
  11. Succession
    For business drunk. For button classic.