1. A cartwheel
  2. Apply fake eyelashes
  3. Light a match
  4. Pronounce esthete
  5. Curl my hair with any reliability of result
  6. Change a tire
  7. Find Tom Hanks to be a compelling romantic lead
  8. Taxes
  9. Hold back tears when I know I'm going to cry but I also know it would make me seem uncool or vulnerable or weak in a situation
  10. Iron
  11. Ask for the price of a special at a restaurant before I order it
    Cool thing I remembered I didn't know when I ordered a $150 white truffle tortellini dish last night
  12. Basic calculus
  13. Leave the house earlier than 10 minutes after I'd intended
  14. Contour
    I can highlight like a motherfucker though
  15. Fold a cloth napkin into a decorative swan or any animal
  16. Pull off bangs
  17. Plan a dinner or any meal without breaking into hives
  18. Respect the delicate balance between charming inquisitiveness and obnoxious prying
  19. Make small talk
  20. Re-upholster a chair
  21. Be patient without reminding myself to be and even then
  22. Keep my cool around a crush
  23. Hold my tequila
  24. Watch a French movie without subtitles
    10 years of French lessons and I can say pamplemousse
  25. Sew a button
  26. Play an instrument