Took a secret trip home this weekend to surprise a friend.
  1. Red sea sunset flying in
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  2. Friday: visited @amyjean at the Playing House offices. Derped it up. Saw the snacks actresses eat (almond butter, la croix)
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  3. Had lunch by myself at Tavern. Pilgrim sandwich is my go-to. A little drier than it usually is but still a dream
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  4. View from childhood bedroom. In DC I have a view of a Westin.
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  5. People always say owners look like their dogs. Didn't see the resemblance until this weekend
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  6. Saturday: Gjelina feast with mama Brenda
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  7. Walked Abbot Kinney. Bought my mom a malachite box at this store and felt like hot shit and then had my card declined trying to buy stationery (literally 2 birthday cards) so ya know
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  8. Blue Bottle refueling station
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  9. Gjusta stop for rhubarb pie and chocolate olive oil cake with pink peppercorns
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  10. Saturday eve: the real reason for the trip--surprising @laureng on the night @BWF proposed to her.
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  11. @BWF proposed to Lauren in the penthouse at Sunset Tower, on the balcony overlooking Hollywood. He then arranged for her friends and family to surprise her at the room. These friends included three girls (me, Annie, & @templetontaylor) who flew from the east coast to surprise her.
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    Can't emphasize enough what an unbelievable job @BWF did in this proposal. He knew how much Lauren would want to share this moment with her friends so he emailed us months in advance to plan trips out. On the day of, he tracked her whereabouts--where she was getting lunch, what Dry Bar she was at--so we wouldn't run into her and ruin the surprise.
  12. Before going to the hotel, we'd gone to Lauren's apartment, scared her cat, and packed an overnight bag for Lauren at the hotel.
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  13. The ring is bonkers. It also looks like the one Wiz Khalifa gave Amber Rose. The only thing different here is that Lauren and Brian will be happy forever.
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  14. They gave toasts. Everyone laughed and cried. Lauren said how much her dad would have loved Brian. Her dad was one of the best men I've ever met so that's really saying something.
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  15. We took pictures. Lauren said how happy she was to have gotten engaged on the day the new princess was born.
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  16. Everyone wore black except Lauren, in a perfect white jumpsuit like it was fate. She danced on the bed. I have known her for 20 years and I've never seen her happier.
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  17. The next morning, Brian arranged a brunch at AOC for all the girls. Lauren's mom told us of how L's dad proposed with the line: "Don't talk me out of it."
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  18. We went to Lauren's to eat chips and drink champagne and lay on the grass. Observations: @carolinek has Disney princess hair. @Nicholas has teen Karlie Kloss legs
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  19. I love these girls so much it hurts
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  20. We met Piper, the new Gaba girl. She eats dirt and tries to kiss you and likes to be cradled like a teddy bear or at least puts up with it
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  21. Ended the weekend with a quick dinner at Petit Trois with my mom: a fleur du mal cocktail and confit-fried chicken leg
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  22. Now back in DC and everything is less shiny and delicious and fianced by comparison.
  23. The best picture ever
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    Suggested by @Nicholas