All decisions are final.
  1. The Buoyant Pastel Creampuff Split-Personality Bustle
    3f575ff6 b7a6 4ffc b1bb 86b5e00a2835
  2. The Baby Pink Mink-Lined Negligee
    Feb90a7e 86a1 414f a664 81f7acc5c83d
    For roughing it at the Beverly Hills Hotel
  3. The Garland Embellished Orange Seersucker Sundress
    D450b8cb 754f 48b8 b08b b9b5755038e1
  4. The New Wilderness Girls Outfit Complete with Green Satin-Lined Cape
    839a2a27 7c51 43bc aaac aac897b4f81c
  5. The Camping Trip Fur Coat
    C021c842 ba26 480b ba53 a1d4587585fb
  6. The Basic Lavender Visiting the Tailor Victorian Minidress
    Eac08504 8f6d 44b3 ab5f 2b192a033259
  7. The Kept Woman Gigot Sleeve Peplum
    8535113c 9497 4d20 a35d 311aa46dc730
  8. The Pretty in Pitchfork
    65494865 da23 4ed6 9c64 dae042c38e49
  9. The Special Edition Gold Lamé Wilderness Girls Couture Ensemble
    Fd48e0f6 0443 4103 8275 0fb42bcabbff
  10. The Optical Illusion Salesgirl Disorienting Rodeo Drive Dress
    B92dfbdd a46d 4987 b7bf 43381493475d
  11. The Za-Za Zebra
    Bccf192f be1a 4f76 87ec 5d23aa9e2999
    Naturally, zebra cigarette pants with an open skirt (what do you call that?? A booty curtain?) for gathering lemons
  12. The Emerald Edge Courtroom Cold Shoulder
    6aac4758 7eb2 4a4d b796 bb1ae289bb73
  13. The You Got to Kiss a Lot of Frogs Cartier Brooch and Fascinator
    E888bbbb 774c 4f45 9a0b 17d3264cdb6d
  14. The Salon Cappuccino Robe and Beret
    Ba7b6bf0 15ae 4298 9a21 17ed0c230aee
    For a day of pampering at Christophe
  15. The Wilderness Girls Fleet Walk Patch Party Sailor Suit
    9679743a a168 4cfa ac35 56d8eb70570c
  16. The Final Challenge Jodphurs
    753bdf2a 0ffb 4e7a b9c3 17bbb337d74b
  17. The Yes, Show Me Officer Cardigan
    3e711042 ef60 4b3f bd03 05fc6afe9fef
  18. The Steal at $5000
    F5cb23f0 ffe0 483a 97c2 1db2edcda53a
  19. The Sing for Your Supper Wilderness Girls Pleated Skirt
    D47d4b8f 96d2 425c ab0e 5225140de945
    It's Cookie Time, alright
  20. The Foil Leisure Cape
    0d52a5f1 5c37 46b7 bb31 31a3421b881e
  21. The Farmgirl Can't Open Her Mayonnaise Jumpsuit
    8aac578c ea3f 4ac9 975a a2736061ce22
  22. The Wilderness Girls Meets Diane Keaton Silk Shirt and Tie
    F677117e 740f 4d69 9841 d9a39ab8d43b
  23. The Wilderness Girls Meets Katharine Hepburn Pantsuit
    6a9a2abd 4ed5 470d b64f 151732c0e2d5
  24. The Polka Don't Leisure Short Set
    Cbfbb7d7 3f5a 4133 b3d0 0d695eb4f7b1
  25. The Wilderness Girls Shirt Dress
    D3d98a5d eb74 456a 9305 7fab800c531b
  26. The Doing the Freddie Bumblebee Athleisure
    78b64f73 6d5e 44ea b334 45337e8dc48e
  27. The Doing the Freddie Dance Wilderness Girls Shortsuit
    9cfbfb11 5647 4cb8 a773 f560b1b82582
  28. The Pouty Floral Chinese-Inspired Blouse
    Dbb94dc8 17e0 461f 9568 0f9088268d66
  29. The Drab Little French Girl Shopping Outfit
    C57be2c7 5b6d 41c4 983c 41614136f469
  30. The Bottoming Out on Evian Lacy Mourning Gown
    Dcbbdf1d 98e3 414f a138 a98d0568a3b7
  31. The Bowling Shirt More Like Gutterball
    E597831d 5f1e 4ff2 b942 c5fe1672d9f2
  32. The Original Wilderness Girl Uniform
    Cbf20756 b884 4c59 928a 239bf36150d9
    Before trusty tailor Henri gets his hands on it
  33. The It's Not Always Sunny in Beverly Hills Chunky Short
    77a1fbad 53bd 4669 beeb 547037285fe4
    Unflattering cut AND color
  34. The Tragic Gray "I Give Up Sartorially and Spiritually" Sweater
    265ea32b f94f 44d3 9da8 6f47b1524a98
  35. The C U at Coachella Headdress
    421f2fa2 7284 44ab b4e9 470ac904b031