I'm a fairly loyal beauty customer. Although I like to experiment with a rogue eye shadow or two, these are the products I stand by (pretend you asked!). My beauty purchasing motto is sorta like: buy the nice stuff, make it last
  1. Sunday Riley Good Genes serum
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    My mom has the most incredible skin so I'd like to think I have *actual* good genes but this well-branded serum is a solid contingency plan. Evens skin tone. Smells like lemon. Most importantly: I notice a difference when I don't use it every day under my moisturizer
  2. Tracie Martyn Alma purifying cleanser
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    Totally indulgent but somehow justifiable splurge at $65. I know I know it's fucking face wash, and if baby doesn't start getting paid for writing soon I will have to give this up, but it's SO good. Doesn't irritate skin, gently foams, takes make-up off and most of all THE SMELL. It smells more like a spa than actual spas.
  3. Natura Bissé Oxygen Cream
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    My everyday moisturizer day and night. I have combination skin, pretty clear with a blemish here or there if I'm not being vigilant. This keeps my skin dewy and clear and I love it even though it smells (temporarily) like garbage
  4. Biologique Recherche P50 Lotion
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    This is a fancy French toner with a cult following that I swear does something to minimize my pores. I might be delusional but they look smaller and smoother to me and that's all that matters. This also smells like garbage.
  5. Clarisonic facial brush
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    In an ideal world I would use this every night but I'm lazy. Removes every bit of makeup/every sin. Like an exorcism for your face. Makes you feel guilt-free and your pores brand new. It's almost a religious experience is what I'm trying to say
  6. Bioderma Créaline
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    The best stuff to take off your makeup. Completely non-irritating. I use it every night to take off my eye makeup and I use it on the rest of my face on those nights when I'm too lazy/drunk to use my face wash + clarisonic and do a proper cleanse. Takes everything off in a couple easy sweeps
  7. Kiehls Crème de Corps
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    Have used this lotion every day since I was about 10. Super moisturizing and unscented, so it doesn't compete with my perfume
  8. Kiehls sunscreen fluid 50 sph
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    Apply this every morning rain or shine. Got vigilant about sunscreen after my mom got skin cancer.
  9. Cle de peau eye cream
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    Eye cream is like insurance right?
  10. Tammy Fender Epi Peel
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    A scrub/mask and the only export from Florida I will embrace. I tend to have negative reactions to physical exfoliant but not this baby. Keeps skin clear and glowy and that's the ball game folks
  11. Clark's Botanicals Intense Radiance Mask
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    My favorite mask (maybe tied with those SK-II sheet masks that make you look like Oogie Boogie). Clarifies, soothes, moisturizers, delivers radiance *intensely* as promised
  12. Giorgio Armani Face Fabric in 2
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    Everyday MVP. Feels soft and satiny and light yet provides great coverage.
  13. Cle de peau concealer in Ivory
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    I use this to conceal any spots. It has a great coverage and texture
  14. Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Palette
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    I use the lighter shade everyday to highlight (cupid's bow, bridge of nose, inner eye, top of cheekbone and under eyebrow) and the darker one on special occasions with a VERY light touch if I want cheekbones
  15. La Mer translucent loose powder
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    Just a very solid loose powder (get it?) to set your makeup (doesn't turn you orange or white which is all we can ask for). On the pricier side ($65) but I've had mine for probably two years so it's a worthy investment
  16. RMS Beauty lip shine in Bloom
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    I dab this on my cheeks like a renegade. It gives you a perfect natural peachy sheen
  17. Tom Ford lipstick in Scarlet Rouge
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    A classic red. Wear this daily (light pats for day; more full-on for night 😉)
  18. Lipstick Queen Medievel
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    Sheer red I apply through the day like Chapstick. Tints my lips just enough that I don't look sickly
  19. Aquaphor
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    A thick creamy salve that makes the best lip balm and can even take off eye makeup in a pinch
  20. Oribe Shampoo and Conditioner for Beautiful Color
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    I air-dry my (oily scalp, dry ends, colored) hair 95% of the time and use minimal product. This gets it clean and smooth, right at the sweet spot between moisturized and not-weighed down