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  1. "Run for your life skinny bitch!"
    When Carla Gugino was running
  2. "Shut up Dr. Doolittle."
    To the little boy with the guidebook
  3. "I'd have been there with a net getting all the cash. Swoop swoop swoop."
    When the Rock was flying a helicopter past a Citibank, which was collapsing
  4. "I'd have peed myself the whole way down."
    When Carla and the Rock were skydiving
  5. "Let's go get our daughter....and make another"
    When Carla said "let's go get our daughter" to the Rock and put her hand on the Rock's leg in a suggestive fashion
  6. "You can't outrun water!!"
    When the tsunami happened
  7. [to her friend] "No the Rock is right there. I said the water was full of ROCKS."
    To her friend, when the Rock was right there, traversing a rocky, flooded San Francisco in a boat
  8. "One smooch is all you get."
    When he kissed the girl
  9. "Corn, shrimp, and crab--that's what's next."
    When the Rock asked, "what's next?"