I'd like to address the group
  1. First off, hi
  2. Welcome to List App
  3. You may have noticed:
  4. The username "Carey" has been scooped up
  5. By me
  6. I took it
  7. I got here first
  8. How is that possible? you wondered
  9. You're used to being the only Carey in the room
  10. You're used to feeling special
  11. It's our gift. This sensation of uniqueness. Our little treat for having gone through life frequently mistaken for Carries and Kerrys, denied an existence's worth of novelty license plates and souvenir keychains
  12. So you were no doubt surprised when you signed up for List App, all set to claim the Carey username as was your entitlement, and discovered it had already been so claimed
  13. By someone who hasn't played Daisy Buchanan or a Bond girl on film
  14. Who didn't marry a Mumford nor a Gere
  15. Who never won an X game
  16. Tough luck
  17. Enjoy your Carey1s and CareyMs and Carey_s
  18. xo
  19. (PS see you at this year's conference in Sarasota)