most of these recommended to me by my friend Cameron i.e. @ragingbush
  1. gizmomonkeyface
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    Family friend with three beautiful rescue dogs (Gizmo, Vito, and Tiny Tim). Pictured here with my dog Charlie at top when we had a puppy play date this summer.
  2. bulldog_dad
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    Dad of bulldogs, one of whom (Theo) carries his metal dish everywhere. The videos are hilarious. Definitely one of my faves
  3. sophiegamand
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    photographer, author of Wet Dog book, creator of the Pitbull Flower Power project--puts flower crowns on pit bulls to help change their public image
  4. twopotatopups
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    Followed this account because one of the dog looks SO much like my dearly deceased pup, Miles. See for yourself: REASONS MILES SEUTHE (CLUB NAME: CHARLEMAGNE) WAS THE BEST PUP THERE EVER WAS
  5. dailydougie
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    Love a shih tzu with a blunt cut
  6. itsdougthepug
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    Love a pug with chill vibes
  7. mynameischamaco
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    Love a griffon with attitude
  8. marniethedog
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    Senior shih tzu rescue with a face like an angel and a great wardrobe
  9. lucyfarted
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    A little smelly a little flirty
  10. toastmeetsworld
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    Puppymill rescue living a life of leisure
  11. muppetsrevenge
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    Toast's sister. These two are unstoppable
  12. frenchiebutt
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    This account is pure sugar and sunshine and smushy faces
  13. wilburs_world
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    Another great frenchie getting his life
  14. shibasommelier
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    shiba inu that reviews wines on a scale of 1-5 BONES. Thanks to @peachpeech for bringing this into my life. Fun AND practical info here.
  15. thedogist
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    The Sartorialist but for dogs
  16. wolfgang2242
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    A man named Steve who has NINE dogs and a pig and a rabbit. The Brady Bunch but with rescue dogs and not annoying
  17. gobronson (@jon)
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    Not strictly a dog account but a lot of great Pippy content
  18. tunameltsmyheart
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    Follow only if you wanna have your heart melted!