most of these recommended to me by my friend Cameron i.e. @ragingbush
  1. gizmomonkeyface
    Family friend with three beautiful rescue dogs (Gizmo, Vito, and Tiny Tim). Pictured here with my dog Charlie at top when we had a puppy play date this summer.
  2. bulldog_dad
    Dad of bulldogs, one of whom (Theo) carries his metal dish everywhere. The videos are hilarious. Definitely one of my faves
  3. sophiegamand
    photographer, author of Wet Dog book, creator of the Pitbull Flower Power project--puts flower crowns on pit bulls to help change their public image
  4. twopotatopups
    Followed this account because one of the dog looks SO much like my dearly deceased pup, Miles. See for yourself: REASONS MILES SEUTHE (CLUB NAME: CHARLEMAGNE) WAS THE BEST PUP THERE EVER WAS
  5. dailydougie
    Love a shih tzu with a blunt cut
  6. itsdougthepug
    Love a pug with chill vibes
  7. mynameischamaco
    Love a griffon with attitude
  8. marniethedog
    Senior shih tzu rescue with a face like an angel and a great wardrobe
  9. lucyfarted
    A little smelly a little flirty
  10. toastmeetsworld
    Puppymill rescue living a life of leisure
  11. muppetsrevenge
    Toast's sister. These two are unstoppable
  12. frenchiebutt
    This account is pure sugar and sunshine and smushy faces
  13. wilburs_world
    Another great frenchie getting his life
  14. shibasommelier
    shiba inu that reviews wines on a scale of 1-5 BONES. Thanks to @peachpeech for bringing this into my life. Fun AND practical info here.
  15. thedogist
    The Sartorialist but for dogs
  16. wolfgang2242
    A man named Steve who has NINE dogs and a pig and a rabbit. The Brady Bunch but with rescue dogs and not annoying
  17. gobronson (@jon)
    Not strictly a dog account but a lot of great Pippy content
  18. tunameltsmyheart
    Follow only if you wanna have your heart melted!