I have a love/hate relationship with Paris, but here are my favorite things to do in the city
  1. Breakfast/tea in the garden at Le Bristol
  2. See and buy taxidermy at Deyrolle
  3. Hang at cafés (favorites: Café de Flore and Café Charlot)
  4. Go to a museum! Too many worth your time (do the Louvre once and get it over with)
    Some museums I love: d'orsay, rodin, l'orangerie, carnavalet, conaqc-jay, des arts decoratifs, cluny, pompidou
  5. Eat a good meal at l'Assiette, Passage 53, Frenchie, Rose Bakery
  6. Browse the incredible stacks of old newspapers and magazines at La Galcante
  7. Shop at one of the great food markets. Favorite is the marché Bastille, probably because I used to live a couple blocks away
  8. Ball hard on international groceries at La Grande Epicerie
  9. Pick up macarons or some other treat at Pierre Hermé and eat them at the Luxembourg Garden
  10. Get lost in the catacombs
  11. Get lost in père lachaise
    Here's a pic from a trip in 2007 of Oscar Wilde's tomb. Someone signed it "Jon Bon Jovi"
  12. Go to Ralph's for exotic American food
  13. Spend a lazy afternoon in the Place des Vosges
  14. Shop crystals at Minerales do Brasil
  15. Buy incredible Moroccan food and flowers at marché des enfants rouges
  16. Browse books at Shakespeare & Co
  17. Buy bulk of the best French beauty products with great deals at City-Pharma
    Bioderma! Homeoplasmine! Embryolisse!
  18. Shop at Monoprix which is like Target but better
    Look at all this great and varied monster munch
  19. Eat (wait in line for) falafel at l'as du falafel
    Don't go on high holidays, as I did last Passover
  20. If you understand French and/or philosophy, go to one of weekly open discussions at the cafés philos
  21. Take a cooking class at La Cuisine Paris
    I learned how to make macarons!
  22. Eat crepes anywhere and everywhere
  23. If you're in town around December, the Christmas markets are not to be missed
  24. Walk the streets at midnight