I have a love/hate relationship with Paris, but here are my favorite things to do in the city
  1. Breakfast/tea in the garden at Le Bristol
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  2. See and buy taxidermy at Deyrolle
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  3. Hang at cafés (favorites: Café de Flore and Café Charlot)
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  4. Go to a museum! Too many worth your time (do the Louvre once and get it over with)
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    Some museums I love: d'orsay, rodin, l'orangerie, carnavalet, conaqc-jay, des arts decoratifs, cluny, pompidou
  5. Eat a good meal at l'Assiette, Passage 53, Frenchie, Rose Bakery
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  6. Browse the incredible stacks of old newspapers and magazines at La Galcante
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  7. Shop at one of the great food markets. Favorite is the marché Bastille, probably because I used to live a couple blocks away
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  8. Ball hard on international groceries at La Grande Epicerie
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  9. Pick up macarons or some other treat at Pierre Hermé and eat them at the Luxembourg Garden
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  10. Get lost in the catacombs
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  11. Get lost in père lachaise
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    Here's a pic from a trip in 2007 of Oscar Wilde's tomb. Someone signed it "Jon Bon Jovi"
  12. Go to Ralph's for exotic American food
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  13. Spend a lazy afternoon in the Place des Vosges
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  14. Shop crystals at Minerales do Brasil
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  15. Buy incredible Moroccan food and flowers at marché des enfants rouges
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  16. Browse books at Shakespeare & Co
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  17. Buy bulk of the best French beauty products with great deals at City-Pharma
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    Bioderma! Homeoplasmine! Embryolisse!
  18. Shop at Monoprix which is like Target but better
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    Look at all this great and varied monster munch
  19. Eat (wait in line for) falafel at l'as du falafel
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    Don't go on high holidays, as I did last Passover
  20. If you understand French and/or philosophy, go to one of weekly open discussions at the cafés philos
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  21. Take a cooking class at La Cuisine Paris
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    I learned how to make macarons!
  22. Eat crepes anywhere and everywhere
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  23. If you're in town around December, the Christmas markets are not to be missed
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  24. Walk the streets at midnight
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