A quirky counterpart to this very sincere list 26 THINGS I KNOW TO BE TRUE & WISE ON THE OCCASION OF MY 26TH BIRTHDAY
  1. Got a drybar "cosmo" blow out at 8:30 am and wore a floor-length metallic-star-printed dress to a very casual brunch cause fuck it!
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  2. Seriously. So unlike me (to wear a dress--not to seek attention). Fuck it!
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  3. Indulged in an incredible, autumnal brunch cause fuck it!
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  4. Drank pink champagne while eating the birthday cake I bought myself cause fuck it!
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  5. Made my friends watch Troop Beverly Hills while we ate cake and I opened presents cause fuck it!
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  6. Put on a black cashmere turtleneck and drank two old fashioneds at the hotel bar across from my apartment cause fuck it!
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  7. Danced around my apartment to Earth, Wind, & Fire and Carly Rae Jepsen and Trina while wearing a SK-II sheet face mask cause fuck it!
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  8. Spent some time alone, reflecting, cause fuck it!
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  9. (Seriously for a sec: Thank you all for the birthday wishes, digital and otherwise. They made my heart so full 💗💗💗)
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