1. Being a baby and nearby
  2. Parents are friends
  3. Being neighbors and sure you can ride your tricycle on my driveway
  4. The Northridge earthquake
  5. Parents are in same income bracket and thus we go to all the same schools and do all the same activities
  6. Ski school
  7. Equally tight Pocket Polly set-ups
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  8. Premium snacks
  9. Riverway Ranch Camp, making lanyards
  10. Feeling misunderstood
  11. Listening to Eminem on the bus to basketball games
  12. Livejournal
  13. 8th grade retreat in the woods, thinking trust activities were bullshit and listening to @john's "Heavier Things" in our tent
  14. Thinking everything is bullshit
  15. Watching Sex and the City at writing camp
  16. Smoking and listening to Girl Talk
  17. Balenciaga motorcycle bags
  18. Obama 2008
  19. Loving New York
  20. Evan Almighty
  21. Misandry
  22. Wearing the same lipstick and being scorpios
  23. Hating Paris
  24. The Golden Girls
  25. The Bergdorf's book depository
  26. You're Canadian
  27. Daily Mail calling starlets "pale and interesting" and wanting that for ourselves
  28. Hating New York
  29. Smart Guy
  30. Gwyneth Paltrow
  31. Hating Boston
  32. I live in your house and we're in Newton
  33. We're the only normal people here
  34. Missing NY
  35. A smitten kitchen tomato sauce
  36. Real Housewives
  37. Grey Gardens
  38. Hating DC
  39. We're the only crazy people here
  40. ListApp!
    Great call @lindsaygelfand