1. The Fairest of Them All
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    Serving boudoir galactic conehead ice queen realness. Higher than the Thunderhead coaster at Dollywood. Holier than any traveling preacher on the appalachian circuit
  2. Touch Your Woman
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    Don't you dare touch this weave though. Hand oils are the nemesis of volume
  3. Love is Like a Butterfly
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    This hair has wings!
  4. Jolene
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    Step the f--k off, J. Your flaming locks of auburn hair have nothing on this golden wheat-y mane
  5. Golden Streets of Glory
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    Golden tunnel of hair swoosh
  6. Dolly: The Seeker/We Used To
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    Most of this hair is out of frame so I am giving it the benefit of the doubt
  7. The Bargain Store
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    Department store height at bargain store prices
  8. Here You Come Again
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    Dolly you're so fun
  9. Great Balls of Fire
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    Hard to tell because of the shot but this is a commendable effort
  10. Heartbreaker
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  11. Bubbling Over
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    Love the concept. Think hair integrity suffered.
  12. My Favorite Songwriter: Porter Wagoner
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  13. All I Can Do
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    The first of the bandana series. Cute country vibes at expense of glamour
  14. New Harvest...First Gathering
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  15. Joshua
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    If your hair can fit through the threshold of a door it's too low!!
  16. Coats of Many Colors
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    Is this a young Bill Clinton?
  17. My Tennessee Mountain Home
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