1. Saw Amy Sedaris at Liquiteria
    My face instantly turned into one giant wide-eyed smile of wonder. Like when I saw Jane Fonda at Sundance. Like when Colonel Aureliano Buendía sees ice for the first time in 100 Years of Solitude.
  2. Saw my friend get married and look so hot doing it!!
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  3. My date Travis
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    Took my bud Trav as my date to the wedding and made all these jokes like "It's like we're in the movie The Wedding Date with Debra Messing but I think I'm Dermot Mulroney idk" and he didn't laugh at ALL but that's ok cause HUMOR IS A SOLO SPORT
  4. Partied at the Harvard Club/waited to be sorted in the Great Hall
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    Qs: Who knew the Harvard Club could turn it out? Like actually host a killer party, where everyone floods the dance floor when the band plays "Kiss" and the lead singer actually pulls it off? Is that the Bayeux Tapestry? Is that a real elephant? Who are all these white men on the walls watching me eat sea bass?
  5. (Sidenote: get your shit together Harvard Club!!!)
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  6. Saw TR, white man/moose, bull/patron saint of weddings
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  7. Stayed at the NoMad
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    As has been well established on this app, the Bowery Hotel is the shit, but I like the Nomad when it's convenient to stay a *touch* more uptown. The rooms are moody and kinda French. The restaurant and bar is gorgeous and yum
  8. Drank at the Library Bar at the Nomad which is so great cause you can drink great wine and skim books from its shelves
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  9. Lunch at Charlie Bird
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    Blue crab toast + roast chicken + fries + fig focaccia + mai tais hiiii
  10. Saw phenomenal graffiti at kumon that applies to life & kumon
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  11. Sat in the Washington Square Park dog park for 30 mins with a friend-- another DOGLESS SINGLE WOMAN IN THE CITAY
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    I love how pugs have faces like collapsible salad shakers. No shade, I really love it.