What's an emotion really?
  1. No chill
    Giddy schoolgirl responses to Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders, mint chocolate chip ice cream, dogs of all shapes and sixes
  2. Lust
    Toward humans
  3. Lust
    Towards cheeses
  4. Expert shade
  5. Survivalist humor mechanisms
  6. Aggressive self-care
    Canceling plans that don't suit me. Reading in the sun. Buying area rugs and Turkish velvet pillows. Painting a room pink. Sipping whiskey in bed on a Sunday night or lime la croix on a Saturday afternoon while listening to "Nothing but the Best" by Frank Sinatra. Buying flowers every week. Indulging in the instinct to self-heal by surrounding myself with pretty things and feelings.
  7. Fear & Loathing
  8. Irony
  9. Fierce indignation derived from a sense of justice poorly served
  10. Scorpio
  11. Fluoxetine