1. Ms. Bernard, 1st grade
    Earthy smoker with a gravelly voice. Praised my penmanship. Made me love reading and the song "What a Wonderful World"
  2. Ms. Spector, 5th grade
    She was new to our school my year. She came from a public school and did not hide the fact that she thought us private school kids were entitled little brats. She was probably right. Truly she was pretty mean, but I (secretly) broke her three hole punch trying to cut blue felt for our state flag project and something about the strong moral code she projected compelled me to confess. The whole thing taught me about honesty and the density of felt.
  3. Mr. Newhart, 7th grade civics
    Start of my civic engagement and anti-Bush angst. He was funny and engaging. Also the son of Bob Newhart so that's chill but I was 13 and that meant nothing to me
  4. Ms. Schumacher, 9th grade magazine
    Was so cool and made me think I could write and that writing was cool.
  5. Mr. Yaron, 10th grade history
    Israeli Republican. Funny and stubborn. Debated him constantly. He was combative but not condescending and thought I was smart which I guess is a theme here. Made me genuinely love history. Told a story about dropping his wallet in sewage that still repulses me.
  6. Ms. Turner, 11th grade English
    Told me that personal essays existed and that perhaps I should be an essayist. Perhaps I will be. Let me write an essay comparing the Vietnam War to my home being burglarized and thought it was fantastic and not the most offensive thing ever crafted on Word 2007.
  7. Mr. Chenier, 11th grade Latin
    Very kind. Very Canadian. Just a really sweet wonderful teacher. That simple
  8. Mr. Schrode, 11th grade creative writing
    Demanded hard work. Demanded attention to detail. Some people thought he was verbally abusive but I adored him.
  9. Ms. Werner, 12th grade AP government
    Introduced me to the West Wing. Probably why I'm in DC