1. Brink!
    Follow the passion, not the swag.
  2. Halloweentown
    Debbie Reynolds is a treasure.
  3. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century
    Moxie will get you farther than respecting authority; friendship comes first.
  4. Smart House
    Technology cannot replace human interaction.
  5. Johnny Tsunami
    Go big or go home.
  6. Genius
    Live authentically; Leading a double life is stressful and won't make Emmy Rossum fall in love with you.
  7. The Color of Friendshio
    Fuck apartheid.
  8. Alley Cats Strike
    It doesn't matter if your technique is unorthodox, if you get results.
  9. Phantom of the Megaplex
    Mickey Rooney was a fucking creep. Never forget that.
  10. Motocrossed
    When someone tells you you can't do something cause you're "just a girl," make them eat their words...and your dirt!
  11. Double Teamed
    Compete to be the best version of yourself, not to beat your sister.
  12. Cadet Kelly
    Wearing pink doesn't make you less brave.
  13. Jumping Ship
    How hot were the Lawrence brothers seriously?
  14. Gotta Kick it Up!
    Si, de puede!