I'm obsessed with all the aesthetic lists. Inspired by @shanaz and @ladyprofessor and so many others! Here's my vision for existence!
  1. Vivien Leigh on set as Scarlett O'Hara
    7dacb84d 94fa 4653 a821 2e00506e16a3
  2. Guy Bourdin
    Dbb499b4 c45e 4d0e 9a7b b32a42521f37
  3. Morty Seinfeld
    De165e5e 4a06 4535 901d d957f8575568
  4. William Eggleston
    F0f39bf7 a83f 45c3 b261 50d2254d30d4
  5. Cher Horowitz
    A6bed7b6 dec1 4b0c af3f edfc3cd3d786
  6. Hedy Lamarr
    1cf05687 f62d 4ffb bebe e64dd52631d5
  7. Phyllis Nefler, Troop Beverly Hills
    Eaf929a0 9175 4a40 8c50 92842c140ec5
  8. Carolyne Roehm
    05e54e69 c37c 4cd5 baf3 a62abe9be22f
  9. Audrey touching up
    332503ab bab4 4001 82a4 cf8a03058fc7
  10. Pale blue chinoiserie panels
    2053a258 f0d4 4e80 b8c4 1fb93e4ef44f
  11. Lobster on a Delft Dish by Charles Collins
    89adbd66 f8ec 403e 82d2 979afc43fee7
  12. Eva Green in Casino Royale
    B3f868a1 0292 4e9b bdd1 d3f94690884b
  13. Michael S. Smith
    F7e6dd75 1742 46f0 8ca9 15eb78ffd659
  14. Cate Blanchett by Annie Leibovitz
    Bf1f654d 288e 42bd 9328 c130a02eb535
  15. Grace Kelly in High Society
    Bcf78748 cfa1 4137 a2ca 421c50a9e785
  16. Hydrangea bushes
    5c3e856f 43fb 485b af8f 0dc72c0a0769
  17. Marina Rust
    Be608f95 853b 4161 9f1d 2c7bb2d8b829
  18. This lake house
    E2021ed7 b8e4 49e3 9766 321dc4244543
  19. Liz
    57d92a0b afb9 4f2c a864 792c2d16f472
  20. Ali MacGraw in stripes
    Ea4a0cd0 edc8 403a 8c82 66c19a718b68
  21. Catherine Deneuve by Helmut Newton
    685a886e 822e 4f1b a63c 9b1f6f516354
  22. Carolyn Jones as Morticia
    4f4b5246 b71b 447a b3e2 fa7a6690b58d
  23. Angelica Huston as Morticia
    7650999c c96b 4ac2 8db0 99c7f7d0c880
  24. Rihanna
    30b9d8d3 a055 417a 93d0 9d5df6d0a5b4
  25. Alex Katz
    0d93e013 24f6 45a0 b34e 9f9ef521e263
  26. Sevrès porcelain tureen with tiny artichoke
    34905b8a f79d 4a0d 938e 994fa3859fdc
  27. Mary Gaitskill
    Edf7ee3a 1272 4e03 9272 8f72318d005e
  28. Christy Turlington
    93aa764a 3f33 4fc4 a330 d439099d409d
  29. Kate Moss at Café de Flore
    85c125e0 1659 4816 9f85 6b166fe7aed3
  30. Miss Fisher doing a fan dance
    E6cf84c0 d424 4d66 a00a 18596f57584b
  31. Gwyneth on a giant cell phone
    47dd0557 c2bc 42a5 a2f8 7900e9ccfa23
  32. Ava Gardner
    Ba513e0e 426e 4bdf ae0b 78168a2d8f62
  33. This cake
    Ee901815 dbf0 41af 9e6e 6def48782f89
  34. Tilda Swinton in I Am Love
    647b3d29 64eb 40af 88ce 0e2ab3e5893b
  35. Pale pink peonies
    0ff408b0 6bbb 42c9 822a f369bd3aa039
  36. Lara Stone
    88cba5ff 48b9 4316 8bcb 3ba09defd117
  37. Madeleine Castaing
    6309f81c 4f14 4a22 b385 1bcf9bbfc6d2
  38. CBK
    501ec633 0733 4935 96fc c2c8936fa976
  39. Nick Knight melting flowers
    81b7d272 3fb0 4b05 b3b4 408ca3b58207
  40. Yves Saint Laurent's home in Tangiers
    337db95b 1682 4d3e 94e2 87be4cbacd74
  41. Freckles by Irving Penn
    46076a33 708f 4b3f ae19 777d881abe53
  42. Alma-Tadema
    Db88a738 11a1 449e 8839 e7d79c037596
  43. Cupcake liners with the design of my Royal Copenhagen china
    7dce7c57 5917 45f4 8cab e16c7a4725eb
  44. This cake
    Ecff31b9 8083 4d90 a85e 8f8ce785399c
  45. Succulents
    A8fb8e3d 196f 4ffe 875e af4d275a2c82
  46. Ombré roses (by me!)
    804e6e00 f4ef 4152 ae97 8bd192264e65
  47. Jackie
    1a41c438 7351 4cc0 816f 70a035288e03
  48. "Man in Armor Holding a Pike" by van Biljert
    B1767b45 168f 4ebc bf9f 6bf2e80bc019
  49. This pizza
    Ebc5861b 5f21 4bbd ad65 699cd6ab63e3
  50. Sharon Tate in Paris
    67632f2d 6e4d 4422 831f 2948afe5c13c
  51. Me recovering after three days of norovirus
    A08c8ee1 705e 4836 8600 3ec110dc282e
  52. My apartment living room
    740b3170 89a6 4bde b6a0 473965560bb1
  53. Tom Ford for Gucci 2004 snake dress
    B6210b0e d0ce 45ce 8e61 448bf894cf95
  54. Orange groves
    70e5e730 d7a1 4803 aa2b e10852c3e163
  55. Raymond Chandler novels
    E002e26d 2273 4dfc 8564 678dcd8081f8
  56. This wallpaper
    4494c1f6 bf34 40c8 805a 9066d530d1c6
  57. Salvador Dali jewelry
    802e4ace 8a1a 46af ab05 24382c2634a3
  58. Rene Magritte
    8c0e69ce 06c2 4d2f 9f67 fdeb3d927c9a
  59. Valley of the Dolls
    D3a00a96 b8da 4356 a3a8 73d25d9caee8
  60. Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette for Vogue
    0378e503 eb7c 4394 af47 0081d23221ec
  61. Pink Poogle neopet
    4dad96a7 bb9e 4997 9c44 20a7655e8cd0
  62. Charlotte Rampling by Helmut Newton
    Bf5acf09 9273 4316 92cc 7ea276adf0cd
  63. Red Chanel
    Fda19ee5 880c 4ea8 9029 ce45d31f42e0
  64. Rachel Weisz for Violet Grey
    E314d4aa d62e 42d5 ba51 41fc5b3515fd
  65. Rooney Mara
    4b0c8256 7434 438f b7d0 f03027cfd25d
  66. Cindy Crawford eating room service
    E7426532 cf4a 4ed5 afcc 16a7c8e93856
  67. Carole Lombard
    964ed575 c1eb 4c94 a806 aaef12ce9774
  68. Jenni Kayne
    Cfb54340 0605 4b13 8963 ab0d7f043194
  69. Cotton candy
    D07d9364 0153 441c bc4c 3b23202f7ed1
  70. Lauren Bacall smiling
    A55c7588 d9e1 4af3 92d6 771f38a0bed9
  71. Julianne Moore in emerald
    3d5b477e 8fad 4679 8dec 58719228567c
  72. Marilyn Monroe reading
    465d3e7d e459 4249 a9fb 4bb18a3fee90
  73. The Golden Girls Mount Rushmore
    5ccfeed0 5856 4d7b 8ed8 f2fbb5d2beed
  74. Babe Paley
    48fd0b2f 7f90 4894 be6b cebcef0c6469
  75. CB in grey dress
    8827c276 eae4 4944 ad11 84d42f372185
  76. "Branches de pivoine blanches et sécateur" by Manet
    4daba9a3 47cf 4069 9286 127d492d997f
  77. Jennifer Connelly
    1815b1d0 227c 442a 8348 b32327412299
  78. Bougainvillea
    Ad3d1345 2672 498c a576 b6e97d26b3f3
  79. Fred Armisen and Bill Hader
    6cccac7e 1bc9 485d bda5 0b7d597c7513
  80. Le Bristol hotel in Paris
    Ba6c7afc 3c28 4be8 8157 2622f7d2e8bc
  81. Apricot roses
    3250afbe 192c 45b8 9f98 f07188528e9d
    At @Lauren's Montecito castle 🙌
  82. Nicki in spots
    0f132dc7 d93f 4718 9bc6 4f7559d2b312
  83. Big Sur
    Ed943275 6aae 4905 b653 b213b6addee0
  84. Mommie needs her rest
    0306a657 5b2f 4822 bfb2 6d9635bee9fc
  85. Phoebe Philo
    Bd358e08 814c 499b 9015 31babdf786fa
  86. Slim Aarons photos
    1b7d0c3b 6680 479c 8d38 e5af058c2fe9
  87. Doutzen Kroes in Zac Posen
    07ab451a 126e 4b04 b2e5 f50be46bddf5
  88. "Portrait of a Boy in Fancy Dress" by Nicolas de Largillierre
    19e9810e 42f7 421f a8c8 b3c19aa7b6b6
  89. Tina Belcher
    C936950a 1a8b 46ad bb6f 89512b54423a