I love blankets!
  1. Jonathan Adler Nixon throw ("100 baby alpaca")
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    I have this in bright pink and it's perhaps the softest blanket I've ever owned. Available in lots of fun bright colors if that's your thing!
  2. Williams-Sonoma throw (cashmere)
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    Great basic. Comes in a bunch of colors, super soft, and you can get it monogrammed! We have one for every room in a different color in my family's ski cabin (sorry that is a very obnoxious sentence) and it elevates every armchair into your own private cocoon
  3. Hermès Avalon (thick wool and cashmere)
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    Gold standard of chic. Can't afford this but want the camel version so badly. My birthday is in 11 months let's all start saving right now!! (ps @Lauren has this in crimson and it's everything)
  4. Restoration Hardware luxe faux fur throw (I have the faux mink
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    Swaddle yourself in this before bed and feel like a Russian Bond girl
  5. Heather Taylor Home Aegean throw (cotton)
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    Itching to get my hands on some Heather Taylor Home accent linens. Love their simple stripe designs.