I pride myself on giving good card. Here are my favorite sources so now you know all my secrets.
  1. 🌟Gold Standard🌟: Dempsey & Carroll
    My bespoke favorite. You can order online but I suggest going to their store on the Upper East Side and spending some time pawing at their samples. There's such a thrill that comes with personalizing your own stationery--with thinking, for a moment, that you can be the type of person that sends handwritten notes to your pals just 'cause. Pictured, my choice: the #3 Correspondence Card in ecru with light blue type, border & matte envelope lining (dirty talk)
  2. Greenwich Letterpress
    I highly suggest getting a cup of coffee at Joe's on Waverly and then exploring this perfect little shop that will happily take all your perfect little money (you will spend it on beautiful and hilarious notecards and knickknacks). This is probably my favorite place for individual cards. Pictured: "Emily Gilmore Is My Spirit Animal" (I bought 5 of these).
  3. Sugar Paper
    My first true stationery love. I used to browse their old store in Century City after school, before picking up dinner at Clementine next door. Their current store at the Brentwood Country Mart is great but smaller and feels more cramped. Still, they make beautiful cards including these wonderfully thick, flat thank you cards, letterpress printed by hand. 6 for $20-24 usually. Worth it. Trust me.
  4. Rifle Paper Co.
    Truly gorgeous and cheery card company out of Florida. I love their flower motif and holiday cards and country and city prints and really everything they sell. Pictured: "When Life Gives You Lemons..."
  5. In Haus Press
    Elegant, minimalist designs. Pictured: "so, coffee" calling cards
  6. Connor
    Irreverent and very chic (if very pricey) stationer. Pictured: Emoji writing tablet (also comes in notecards)
  7. Poketo
    LA-based company with insanely charming prints and textiles and cards. This, pictured, is the most romantic card I've ever seen.
  8. Red Camper
    Discovered these cheeky cards at a store on Abbot Kinney and they never fail to delight with their pleasant perversion
  9. Terrapin Stationers
    Cool cards with curse words. Pictured: "Bad Bitch" note cards, which I bought for @peachpeech (the baddest bitch)
  10. John Derian
    I lived across from this iconic home decor and furniture shop for a year and it was a fatal temptress (my apartment would be all decoupage trays and imported objets if I had my druthers). They sell these postcards with antique prints that you can also buy at Bergdorfs and other stores that sell his trays
  11. Blue Barnhouse
    Cool site out of North Carolina. Pictured:"Solid as Barack!" which I've had for years and don't want to part with
  12. In God We Trust NYC
    Pictured: "Stop Talking" business cards, purchased for my friend whose coworkers annoyed her
  13. Breathless Paper
    Witty, oft-pun based. Pictured: "Shhhhh...Mommie Needs Her Rest."
  14. Sapling Press
    I love this company out of Pittsburgh, known for its typed cards made of recyclable materials. I have a bunch of their cards but my favorite purchase might be this mini "Shit to Do" notepad
  15. Ferme à papier
    Often my destination for unique holiday cards. Pictured: a few I sent out in 2013
  16. Sycamore Street Press
    I love these dreamy cards with inspirational quotes for when I want to be sincere
  17. Paper Love Boutique
    Vintage-inspired, cheesy, wise, often bedazzled. Pictured: "Reality I hung up."