I love hotels! I'm bougie as fck!
  1. 1.
    Hotel le Bristol (Paris)
    I could make a whole list about the ways I love this hotel. The palatial lobby and classic decor. The way it makes you feel more spoiled and entitled than Marie Antoinette. The Michelin-starred restaurants. The service. The pool. The courtyard. The spa. The cat that roams freely and has just a little bit of an attitude. The unequaled attention to detail and quality. Expect to pay more for everything than you think you will and to leave very happy and very poor.
  2. 2.
    Hotel Bel-Air (Los Angeles)
    Glam old Hollywood. Iconic pink stucco. A cool place to see Nancy Reagan if that's your thing. Holds substantial sentimental value to my family: where my parents got married (in the garden; the swans were out) & where we've celebrated every major anniversary & graduation. We are lukewarm on the renovation & on Wolfgang's take on the restaurant. It has lost some of its magic but it's still one of my favorite places, although I haven't been in a bit b/c of Brunei's (the owners) oppressive policies
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    Bowery Hotel (New York)
    Perfect location. Cool and unfussy decor. Great bar and room service from Gemma. Super helpful and informed concierge. Every room has a teddy bear--which is so cute and so fcking gross because I'm sure they're not washed.
  4. 4.
    Hotel Arts (Barcelona)
    A Ritz Carlton hotel on the beach in Catalonia. Massive but doesn't feel overwhelming. Feels instead like a chic and luxe village--a destination in itself. Incredible spa on the 43rd floor where you can sit and drink a ginger tea and stare out at the Mediterranean. Beautiful rooms with furnishings in whites and caramels. Great restaurants.
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    Hotel San José (Austin)
    Bungalow-style hotel on South Congress, right next to Jo's (great coffee). Modern yet warm decor, walls studded with framed, vintage prints and posters. Delicious breakfast bento boxes. Moody courtyard and pool--lovely place to have a glass of wine.