Some of my best friends are on ListApp now. They are all smart, staunch, beautiful women and Jason and Nick. If they were all members of '90s girl groups, these are who they would be. Show them some love and send a follow their way 😉
  1. @laureng - Posh Spice
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    "Little black gucci dress OR the little black gucci dress." That's so Lauren. Style for days and rarely shows teeth when she smiles. Smiling with teeth here cause she just got engaged
  2. @peachpeech - Chilli
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    Crazy, sexy, cool, but also grounded in a real, beautiful way. Rocks a crop top like she was born in it. Dated Usher
  3. @templetontaylor - Baby Spice
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    Blonde, kind, deceptively innocent. She ain't, boys. 😉
  4. @amyjean - all of B*Witched
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    Spunky, Irish. Took America by storm in 1998!
  5. @byerinp - Ginger Spice
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    Fiery, fierce. Infectious energy and take on the world. Without her we'd be nothing. We = society.
  6. @JasonBotelho - Spinderella
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    No explanation necessary
  7. @ataaffe - Sporty Spice
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    Runs miles upon miles every day. Burgeoning fitness model. Comes alive on the stage. A true performer. Subtly the best in the room.
  8. @Nicholas - Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes
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    Because he demanded it, which is probably something left eye would do! Trying to think of who @carolinek would be now...
  9. Me - Bey but only in the Writing's on the Wall era
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    Look I'm not that big of a narcissist. I'll leave it to Jason: "You're on the cusp of great success. No matter what, you're going to marry down. And I think Bey's dad is kind of kooky."