I am 25 and 7 months. I think I've had 1 phase. Maybe 2.
  1. Star Search phase
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    Innocence. Velvet. Ballads.
  2. Mickey Mouse Club phase
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    Denim. Fresh-faced.
  3. Reflection/Mulan phase
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    Blonde Rachel haircut. Lily pads.
  4. Genie in a Bottle phase
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    Crop tops and sand.
  5. The Come On Over phase
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    Red tips. Pants with side laces
  6. The Latin Grammys phase
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    Curling iron. Red to signify fiery
  7. The Lady Marmalade phase
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    19th c. French prostitute with crimping tools
  8. The Stripped & Dirrty phase
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    Chaps. Stringy Pirates of Caribbean hair. Dirty.
  9. The Can't Hold Us Down phase
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    This was on the Stripped album but it feels like a different vibe. I mean, she's wearing pastels
  10. The I Kissed Madonna Too But the Camera Panned to Justin phase
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    White lace
  11. The Married phase
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  12. The Car Wash phase
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    The remake of the song she did with Missy for the movie Shark Tale
  13. The Roaring 20s phase
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    Tilt Ya Head Back. Nelly.
  14. The Marilyn phase
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    Extension of the 20s phase because she put her hair in soft blonde curls and did this retro non-decade specific thing. In this phase she was very glamorous and wore red lipstick