When/where I've taken a rocket ship to cry-town. 🚀🚀🚀 What'd I miss??
  1. Apartment
  2. Taxis
  3. United States Capitol
  4. Metro
  5. On a bench in Georgetown waterfront park when I was unemployed in 2013 after a campaign. Listening to Taylor Swift's "Treacherous." I noticed a kite stuck in a tree and realized me. I was the kite.
  6. Trapped in elevator with men delivering sofa to my apartment with sofa stuck in elevator doors, while also on phone with comcast trying to get internet restarted
  7. In a small park during cherry blossom season, after a truly brutal, 3-minute long interview for an internship at an online magazine. It was a sunny, breezy day and the trees swayed in the wind and showered me with bubblegum pink petals
  8. Basically every place I saw a movie: E Street, Regal Cinemas in Chinatown, AFI in Silver Spring, Angelika pop-up in Union Market
  9. Cannon House Office Building
  10. My therapist's office in Georgetown
  11. Outside the United States Capitol talking to my mom after she put my childhood dog, Miles, down.
  12. Friends' apartments across the city
  13. In a parking garage next to a Ford Focus zip car that wouldn't unlock
    This morning