Love Radiolab/WTF/This American Life/Scriptnotes/Dinner Party Download/Studio 360...but here are some other ones
  1. Ronna & Beverly
    Jessica Chaffin and Jamie Denbo play Ronna Glickman and Beverly Ginsberg, two fifty-something Jewish mothers from Mass (Marblehead and Swampscott, I believe). They do interviews which are fun but really it's the detail in the characters' back stories that's killer. Saw them live in DC and they kept it 💯.
  2. Longform
    Interviews with non-fiction writers on their "process" and how they got their start.
  3. The Rewrite
    Interviews with non-fiction writers about specific pieces they wrote
  4. The Read
    Bloggers Kid Fury and Crissle talk about hip hop and pop culture and fuckboys the world over. They respond to "listener letters" and at the end of every episode, they do their "reads"--i.e. air their grievances (they read a particular person or thing). Also, they stan so hard for Beyoncé and Trina. Just listening to them talk about B + T is such a joy.
  5. Dear Sugar
    Podcast spin-off of famed advice column on the Rumpus. I listen to this cause Tiny Beautiful Things, the collection of Cheryl Strayed's "dear sugar" columns, kinda floored me. This podcast can get a bit schmaltzy but I love schmaltz, especially in winter. So much warmth and heart here 🔥💖
  6. Slate Political Gabfest
    Since starting in politics, I've found it very hard to listen or watch anything political for entertainment purposes. Had to stop watching the Daily Show for the first time in 11 years because it just wasn't as relaxing anymore. This though is a nice little show on politics that I enjoy. Each Friday. the hosts discuss three of the week's biggest stories. They're usually engaging and insightful and I often feel like I learn something or at least see something in a new light.
  7. Slate Cultural Gabfest
    Another good slate one. Same set-up (three hosts/three topics) but they talk about culture (duh). Don't always agree with them but like their general take on things.
  8. How Was Your Week with Julie Klausner
    Great interview show that usually begins with a long, rambling (I mean that in a good way) monologue from Julie. The podcast seems to be on hold while she works on her new tv show but I pray she brings it back. The interview with David Sedaris is a good start point
  9. Bowery Boys
    Charming monthly podcast on New York City history. I don't think either of them are actually historians but they love nyc and its history and it's almost always a delightful listen 🌃