A clean apartment is such a vital part of self-care
  1. Make your bed first thing every morning
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  2. Vacuum once a week
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    You could do more frequently if you feel like it. Once is usually enough. I like to do it Sunday night cause it feels like I'm cleansing my space for the new week (which sounds sexual and like bullshit and that's fine). Get a decent vacuum. I have this and I really love it as much as a woman can love a vacuum: http://www.amazon.com/BISSELL-CleanView-Upright-OnePass-9595A/dp/B00AZBIZTW
  3. Clean your bathroom once a week
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    Quickly, no-fuss. Spray + wipe down the tub. Clean the toilet with a brush, Windex mirrors.
  4. Clean your kitchen counters every night
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    I like Method granite cleaner. It's what my mom uses at my home in LA so the smell is kinda Proustian. Also wiping the counters is meditative and gets you ready for bedtime while your klonopin kicks in
  5. Dust whenever you do laundry
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    With the used dryer sheets, dust bookshelves and surfaces and lampshades.
  6. Throw things out with regularity
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    Unless you are building a fort, throw away Amazon boxes as quickly as you can.
  7. "Deep clean" your place as often as you can make yourself
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    I probably do it every two weeks or month or whenever I'm up for it. Doesn't "deep clean" make it sound fun?? Like a Bioré pore strip for your apartment. For me this includes: cleaning the baseboards; vacuuming my couch and sheepskin rug with my vacuum's brush attachment; cleaning the tub with bleach, baking soda and a Magic Eraser bathroom sponge; cleaning the stove and maybe the oven (though I always clean these immediately if I make a mess); anything else that feels like it needs to be done
  8. Always try to leave your home in a state where it isn't embarrassing if someone comes over
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    Put things back in their place. Wash the dishes or stack them. Essentially: tidy a little bit whenever you can and you probably won't end up in a state where you're too overwhelmed by mess to do anything