In honor of National Puppy Day, some gratuitous pics of the the perennial puppy, Miles (full name: Millennium, because we got him in '99 as an optimistic gesture that y2k wouldn't kill us all! ✨✨✨✨✨✨)
  1. Here I am with Miles right after we got him. We posed together in this school morning photo shoot by Jürgen Teller JK
  2. Here is Miles when he was 15! 15! And this is the oldest he ever looked in any photo. He had such a puppy face. He could also be really pouty and faux-contemplative like a model in the early 90s
  3. Sleeping on a sweater. I probably was cold and wanted that sweater at this moment but I could never take it from him.
  4. Honestly he was the best most perfect sleeper. He looked like a roly poly but furry if you can imagine that in a cute way
  5. Seriously
  6. In terms of teenage mood enhancement, Miles was better than lexipro. He brightened up some silly dark angsty periods in 2005 (seriously wtf was 2005?) and just every day in general
  7. Here he is John & Yoko-ing with his brother/lover (v. unclear at times), Charlie
    Charlie ties for 1st place in best pup competition but Miles was more photogenic and this is an image-obsessed world! Also, Charlie is still very much alive and marking his territory on every shrub in Bel Air so I am not yet reflective/nostalgic
  8. Here is charlie licking miles' eye which is a thing dogs do
  9. Look at this little body! Some nicknames: milo, moo shu (cause his face was "mushy" and we just took it from there) and old man (in later years)
  10. Moo shu loved the sun and lived in a gangsta's paradise of his own creation.
  11. He had a very full and cozy life, I think. He brought and received much joy. Here he is on Thanksgiving 2013, the last time I saw him. He had to be put down 6 days before I came home for Christmas. I think about that a lot. Clearly I'm not over it (as you can probably tell by this list I just made!)