S Club 7 and the Beatles were both British bands. That's where the similarities end!
  1. 7: S Club *7*. Seven band members. Seven is better than four!
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    Seven loosely-defined archetypes with which to identify. Fun names like Tina and Bradley!
  2. "Club" is in their name
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    S Club 7 is a constant party. Clean fun, good times with friends, that's what they're about. Not moody shit like drugs or real love or lost love or mortality
  3. S Club had a TV show set in Miami! The Beatles did not.
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    They made Miami seem so fun and adulthood seem so casual. That I don't live with six of my friends in a hotel, singing glittery pop songs to get by, wearing bandana shirts under tan shoulders, makes me feel like a total failure daily
  4. 90s band fashion > 60s band fashion if we are strictly talking metallics which we are
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    They were so great at matching but also...
  5. S Club looked even better when the members were on totally different sartorial pages!
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    The Beatles never had this expansive a style spectrum. I mean look at this pic. One of the girls is in a pantsuit. One is narrowly covering her lady parts with half moons of crimson jersey. Variety is the spice of life!
  6. Diversity!
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    Not just four white men!
  7. Sunset pics: S Club loved to pose in front of sunsets and sunrises. Find me a Beatles sunset pic. You can't!
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    In a way, S Club was like the sunset on the Clinton Administration. On the 90s era of good times. On innocence. On having it all.
  8. (...Another sunset pic...)
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  9. (Here's one of a sunrise I think. They loved the metaphor of the sun!)
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  10. Ephemerality
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    Who wants to love the same band their whole life? S Club is great because they evaporate from your memory and return in cycles. They have a season. Like fireflies. The Beatles are forever and always. Snooze!
  11. S Club 7 songs are on spotify
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