with @JasonBotelho and his gf. This is a real place. It's called Summer House Santa Monica. It can be found just off the 10 in Rockville, MD.
  1. kale chips with cashew butter
  2. butternut squash "steak"
  3. "living greens" salad
  4. "Santa Monica cobb" with "point reyes blue cheese
  5. "beach bum ceviche"
  6. guacamole
  7. sushi
  8. "quinoa & forbidden black rice bowl"
  9. "rock fish & ginger dashi broth"
  10. burrata
  11. grilled swordfish
  12. steak frites
  13. amish chicken tacos
  14. kale lemonade
  15. wanted to take a pic in front of this because I was born at Saint John's (i.e. MADE IN SANTA MONICA) but there were always people in the booths
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