For @byerinp. Some of my favorite pieces to appear in the magazine. Most of these are by women whoops
  1. “,” by Joan Didion
    Joan Didion on Martha Stewart. That’s all.
  2. “Thanksgiving in Mongolia,” by Ariel Levy
    A pregnant Levy travels to Ulaanbaatar to report a story. What happens there is ultra-personal and completely heartbreaking.
  3. “Where the Bodies are Buried,” by Patrick Radden Keefe
    On one of the worst atrocities committed by the IRA during the Troubles, the murder of Jean McConville, and the apparent involvement of Gerry Adams, current leader of the Sinn Fein party
  4. “The Last Girl in Larchmont,” by Emily Nussbaum
    On Joan Rivers’ survival instincts, comedy, and her life as a feminist act (even if her comedy could be decidedly shitty towards women).
  5. “Lessons from Late Night,” by Tina Fey
    Lessons include: “never cut to a closed door” and “never tell a crazy person he’s crazy.” Required reading.
  6. “Taken,” by Sarah Stillman
    How civil forfeiture laws + corrupt police departments economically devastate innocent Americans
  7. “The Fourth Quarter,” by Ben McGrath
    Profile of Kobe Bryant at the end of his career—who most people know is the only person I care about
  8. “Figures in a Mall,” by Susan Orlean
    On Tonya Harding’s hometown
  9. “The Fourth State of Matter,” by Jo Ann Beard
    The best essay I think I’ve ever read. Buy her whole collection, The Boys of My Youth
  10. “Symbol of All We Possess,” by Lillian Ross
    On the 1949 Miss America pageant
  11. “The Death Treatment,” by Rachel Aviv
    A story on euthanasia in Belgium that had me questioning my stance on the issue then questioning my questioning.
  12. “Birthright,” by Jill Lepore
    On the history of Planned Parenthood. It’s insane how long and hard women have had to fight to be the rulers of their own lady parts dominion
  13. “My Misspent Youth,” by Meghan Daum
    Daum’s essay on being young and hungry and deeply, deeply in debt in New York. Read the whole collection of the same name and also her latest collection, The Unspeakable
  14. “Ted Cruz, the Absolutist,” by Jeffrey Toobin
    I love this Toobin profile of lunatic and very smart guy Ted Cruz