i.e. every name I ever wanted. The names were the best part of these movies.
  1. To Grandmother's House We Go: Sarah (MK) and Julie (A) Thompson
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  2. Double, Double Toil and Trouble: Kelly (MK) and Lynn (A) Farmer
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  3. How the West Was Fun: Jessica (MK) and Suzy (A) Martin
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  4. It Takes Two: Amanda (MK) and Alyssa (A) Lemmon
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  5. Billboard Dad: Tess (MK) and Emily (A) Tyler
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  6. Passport to Paris: Melanie/Mel (MK) and Allyson/Ally (A) Porter
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  7. Switching Goals: Sam (MK) and Emma (A) Stanton
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  8. Our Lips Are Sealed: Maddie (MK) and Abby (A) Parker
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  9. Winning London: Chloe (MK) and Riley (A) Lawrence
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  10. Holiday in the Sun: Madison (MK) and Alex (A) Stewart
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  11. Getting There: Kylie (MK) and Taylor (A) Hunter
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  12. When in Rome: Charli (MK) and Leila (A) Hunter
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  13. The Challenge: Shane (MK) and Lizzie (A) Dalton
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  14. New York Minute: Roxy (MK) and Jane (A) Ryan
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